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Is it Time to Make the Switch

How does an E-Cig work

Exactly how does the electronic cigarette function?
The cartridge holds the liquid. When the cartridge is inserted into the e-cig, the cartridge filler (polyester soaked in e-liquid/juice) makes contact with the atomizer’s bridge. Using gravity and capillary action, juice is absorbed via the atomizer bridge into the atomizer’s steel mesh reservoir where it sits. This is when user input is required.

When the user inhales on the e-cig, this action “pulls” the liquid from the atomizer’s reservoir into the ceramic atomizer pot. This liquid is then absorbed by the aromatic polyimide wick (which is situated inside the ceramic pot). At the same time, the device is heating the coil around the wick and therefore heating the liquid until it becomes a vapor. This vapor is drawn up through the e-cig and out of the mouthpiece.

If your e-cig has a manual switch and you pressed the switch to activate it, the atomizer will only vaporize the liquid that is already in the ceramic pot. Without the user’s “sucking” action, no more liquid is drawn into the pot or absorbed by the wick.


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E-Cigarette Components

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Is it Time to Make the Switch?

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